25 February 2014

My layout for the 3d challenge of Supreme Scrap Tournament 2014 !!!

Hi eveyone!!!
This is my layout for the 3nd round of  Supreme Scrap Tournament 2014!
Once again i want to say a big THANK YOU to all the girls who have voted me on the 2nd round and gave me the chance & the pleasure to participate again in this extremely amazing challenge!!!
I hope all the best to all of you also on this round!!!

For the 3rd challenge, we are asked to do some DOODLING on a 12X12 page!!!

I have to admit that it's the first time i had to create a scrapbook layout using this way of expression....i mean "do some doodling"....
I have spent enough time yesterday searching the web to find out what this is all about and what i was supposed to do and find some inspiration!!!
I found some interesting scrapbook paper with doodling on it, digital files...etc
i also searched on pinterest.....and I was very impressed of what i discovered!!!
Doodling is ART!!!

After all that i had to decide what i wanted to create with my 4 photos!
I consider my style always "fresh" & "bright" and "whimsical" enough, so i have chosen to create a doodle pattern, inspired by some designs i have seen around on the web....

And that's it...
After 3 hours of doodling all the page by hand, like a teenager, it came out this....
I put banners, differents types of arrows, cameras, butterflies, cupcakes, ,hearts, stars, tags, leaves, doodle frames for all my photos, doodles in general, and then i used my paint dabbers & distress stains, to add some colour on my page....& some washi tape, brads, badges, button, gossamer &  wood venners!

My journaling begins from the top of the page and continues in the bottom .....It says:
"Remember always...
...life is a paradise for those who love with passion & have passions!
Without passion, LIFE is nothing!!!!"

This is a quote i love and try always to remember...

My 4 passions, I can't live without!!!!

Hope you like my page!!!

Good luck to all of you!!!

and some close-ups...


  1. Saw this on FB.com, had to visit and tell you how much I love it! Very cute doodles!

    1. thank you Miae!!!i really appreciate it!!!!

  2. Once again: I LOVE IT!! You're right, doodling is ART!!

    Greetings Marianne

  3. πρώτη φορά; Πλάκα μας κάνεις;Δηλαδή στην 10η τί θα κάνεις;Τα συχαρητήρια μου και καλή επιτυχία ολόψυχα...'Εχεις μεγάλο ταλέντο μπράβο!Είναι ΕΞΑΙΡΕΤΙΚΟ!Μας δίνεις ιδέες..

  4. This is one of the most amazing pages I have ever seen!! Do you share these on Facebook & Paper People?! If not you should!!